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Why Do I Need to Provide a PO?

  Some of our clients may wonder why we are asking that a Purchase Order, or PO, be provided everytime they send us product. Why can't the warehouse just receive a product and add it to inventory, without the extra fuss and bother? A PO is beneficial to all parties involved. The client who is purchasing product, the vendor, and ShipZOOM as the fulfillment center. One important thing to remember is that a PO is not an invoice. Invoices and POs are both important, but serve separate purposes. For today's discussion, we refer to invoices, but they are not the same form. A purchase order (PO) is created by the buyer, and outlines exactly what they expect to receive. An invoice  is issued by a vendor or supplier who requests payment.  What are 7 Benefits of Using POs? (aka, How a PO Helps YOU, the Client) has given some very good reasons to implement a PO system for your business.      1. They help prevent duplicate orders With a small business, it may not be difficu